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How seasonal allergies affect your skin

How Seasonal Allergies Affect Your Skin

Here in the Lone Star State, there’s something constantly blowing around that’s the bane of allergy sufferers’ existence. With milder temperatures year-round, there’s no shortage of allergy seasons and runny noses, itchy eyes, the works. We are a few days into spring, and with the changing of the seasons means a whole new set of

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Skin Care Survival Guide: Spring Break Edition

Skin Care Survival Guide: Spring Break Edition

Despite lower numbers due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, beachgoers will inundate South Padre Island during the annual spring break pilgrimage in a few days. Similar scenes will play out in other popular hot spots as south Texans embark on a week’s worth of everything outdoors. While loads of fun will undoubtedly occur, our skin

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February is Cancer Prevention Month

National Cancer Prevention Month

February is Cancer Prevention Month. More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other cancers combined when it comes to dermatology. Most forms of skin cancer are preventable, so National Cancer Prevention Month is a great time to talk about how to protect your skin. Comprehensive Approach to Prevention

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Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Alamo Heights Dermatology can feel the love in the air. To celebrate the day of endearment, we’re offering specials in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for our clients. DiamondGlow February is the perfect time for a DiamondGlow facial, which is 10% off all month long. DiamondGlow utilizes

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How tp prevent eczema flare ups in the winter

How to Prevent Eczema Flares in the Winter

Not everyone’s eczema deteriorates at the first sign of colder weather. However, it’s fair to say that worsening symptoms and an uptick in flare-ups is a reality for many people living with eczema at the onset of colder weather. While changing the weather is impossible, we can take steps to help our skin win the

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How to Choose Moisturizer

Moisturizing is one of the primary “must-dos” of a good skincare routine. Besides keeping your skin from drying out, moisturizing prevents irritation and creates a barrier between your skin and the elements. If you aren’t sure how to choose a moisturizer or whether the one you currently use is the right one, we have some

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2022 New year, Healthy Skin

New Year’s Skin Resolution

As you’re making those lists for 2022 resolutions, there’s something every dermatology office is hoping you add to it. Adding skincare to your New Year’s resolution is a promise to the body’s largest organ to do what it takes for healthy skin all year long. Importance of Healthy Skin To understand the importance of healthy

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Let's talk winter skincare

Winter Skincare Tips

While many south Texans are thankful to finally be out of the barbaric 90 plus degree days, the colder weather seems to dangle like a carrot in front of us, amirite? Alas, cooler temps will come, and various factors that affect your skin with it. Each change of the season brings fluctuations in temperatures, air

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What Alamo Heights Dermatology is Thankful For

The season of Thanksgiving is upon us, and we are feeling a little sentimental. We are nearing the close of another year and wanted to pause and show appreciation for everything that made this year awesome. Though the list is long, here’s some of what Alamo Heights Dermatology is thankful for this year. Family and

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