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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Safety

Our utmost concern is for the safety of our patients and staff in light of the Coronavirus, so we have implemented the following to address this rapidly evolving situation.

  1. We have posted alerts/signs within our office in an effort to quickly identify/triage any patients that present that MAY fit the CURRENT CDC criteria…

** Fever or signs/symptoms of lower respiratory illness

(e.g., cough or shortness of breath)


** A history of foreign travel, especially from mainland China, Iran, Japan, Italy, or South Korea, Hong Kong within 14 days of symptoms onset


** Any person, including health care workers, who has had close contact with a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 patient within 14 days of symptom onset

  • Our clinic is outfitted with hand sanitizer stations prevent cross-contamination.
  • We have decontamination and cleaning procedures in place to ensure that high touch surfaces (door handles, doorknobs, countertops, tablets, clipboards, patient rooms, etc.) are regularly cleaned and decontaminated throughout the day.

If you do develop a fever, cough and/or shortness of breath, especially after foreign travel or have contact with someone who has recently traveled internationally, it’s important to seek immediate medical attention right away by calling your primary care provider or nearest urgent care.  Our office will be prescreening all patients prior to scheduling appointments.  Should you have any of the above symptoms we will not schedule you an appointment.  In addition, should you develop any of the above mentioned symptoms we ask that you reschedule your appointment for at least 21 days from the onset of your symptoms.  We appreciate your cooperation and consideration.


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