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Cosmetic Day!

Cosmetic day is coming

March typically symbolizes all things lucky, and what perfect time to hold our semi-annual, Cosmetic Day. Cosmetic Day originated in Dr, Fridlington’s twin sister’s Austin dermatology practice. It was adopted at Alamo Height’s Dermatology and it has been an event current and prospective clientele look forward to. 2020’s first Cosmetic Day is March 27th, and …

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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Safety

coronavirus covid-19 alamo heights dermatology

Our utmost concern is for the safety of our patients and staff in light of the Coronavirus, so we have implemented the following to address this rapidly evolving situation. We have posted alerts/signs within our office in an effort to quickly identify/triage any patients that present that MAY fit the CURRENT CDC criteria… ** Fever …

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Which is Right for You? Microneedling vs. Chemical Peel

Difference between chemical peel vs microneedling

Microneedling and chemical peels are two of the many non-surgical cosmetic options for your face available at your dermatology office. Both target different layers of the skin but have many benefits in common. Let’s learn more about each procedure, benefits, and what skin issues they are typically used for so we can uncover which one …

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