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All About Skin

When we think about our skin, usually things like acne, psoriasis, moles, or the latest anti-aging cream come to mind. We rarely think about our skin in the big picture and the vital role it plays in our health! Here are some fun facts that put the crucial role that our skin plays into perspective!

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? According to National Geographic, on average, adults carry 8 pounds and 22 feet of skin! It behaves like a waterproof shield that insulates and  guards the body against temperature extremes, damaging sunlight, and things like harmful chemicals.


The thickest skin on your body is on the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands. The thinnest skin is on your eyelids.


On average, skin renews itself every 27 days. In fact, each minute your skin sheds 30,000 dead cells. Certain skincare treatments, like peels, stimulates the skin’s natural healing process, forcing the cells to renew themselves quicker.

Your skin is determined by melanin. Everyone has the same amount of melanin in their skin, but skin color depends on the activity of the melanin, not the amount. 7% of your skin cells are melanocytes.

Changes in your skin can sometimes signal changes in your overall health, which is why it is important to always monitor your body for any changes.

It’s important to remember the key role our skin plays in our overall health. If you detect an unusual skin spot or suspect any problem with your skin, call us to schedule an appointment. Don’t forget about the importance of an annual full skin exam! Certain forms of skin cancers can be found in areas that have never been exposed to the sun, and there are also several sun exposed areas that you may not be able to fully examine yourself. Schedule yours today at 210-255-8447.