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Boo-tox Day Event

The coronavirus has canceled many events like Fiesta, the Strawberry Festival, and more; and has set its sights on Halloween and the holiday season. If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your looks to complete that glow up, you will want to focus all eyes and ears. Alamo Heights Dermatology is excited to announce our Boo-tox Day event, happening on October 30th. This event is a one-day opportunity to take advantage of some deeply discounted cosmetic services.

Boo-tox Day Specials

Woman as a mummy, boo-tox day event

Fillers, wrinkle relaxers, PRP, Oh my! Our Boo-tox Day specials offer little to no downtime and will have you looking as though you drank out of the fountain of youth! Boo-tox Day is October 30th only, so you need to set your appointment up ahead of time. Feast your eyes upon these ghoulish specials**:

  • $1 off per unit of Botox (Special applies to Dysport and Xeomin too)Wrinkle relaxers smooth moderate to severe crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines.
  • $50 off a syringe of any filler– Fillers are injected into facial areas to restore the volume lost to the aging process. Perfect for those wanting to look more youthful without sacrificing innocent souls.
  • 15% off products with a scheduled service– Treat yo’self, without any tricks!
  • 10% off PRP for the scalp or cosmetic– Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) uses the patient’s blood platelets’ turbo-charged healing powers that smooth and improve the skin’s appearance. PRP is also used in hair restoration, and this special covers both, so pick your poison!
bootiful skin, woman with pumpkin, boo-tox day event

There’s no time to waste, the hourglass is emptying, and spots are filling up fast! The pandemic has financially impacted many, and mask-wearing leaves a lot to be desired. However, now’s the perfect time to do something for yourself while keeping some cash in your pocket. You deserve it! So slither, walk, fly, or crawl on over to our webpage to submit an online appointment request or call (210) 255-8447. Our team of local dermatologists is ready to take care of you!

**Specials do not cover witch wart removal. Mummies must remove bandages before the procedure and do an initial cleaning of the area. Although Alamo Heights Dermatology prides itself in achieving your desired results, we do not and cannot raise the dead. Lastly, we cannot set up PRP appointments for any vampires or other blood-seeking creatures for safety reasons, though they are welcome to any other procedure. Muahahaha!