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Get to Know Dr. Julie Fridlington!

Get to know the latest addition to the Alamo Heights Dermatology family; the amazing Dr. Julie Fridlington! Throughout our short and sweet Q&A, you’ll learn more about what brought this fellow foodie to the fascinating world of dermatology and more!

What made you get into the dermatology field?

Julie: Aside from my personal struggles with my skin growing up, my favorite part of dermatology is that I can take care of a wide variety of patients of all ages. In other fields of medicine, the more specialized you become, the more you narrow down the types of patients you encounter. I have the opportunity to take care of children, young adults, men, and women every day. Additionally, dermatology is a very visual and hands-on field of medicine. So, I not only have patient variety but also perform a wide range of procedures daily!

What top three products could you never live without?

Julie: My 3 must-haves include Aquaphor Healing Ointment, Retin-A/Tretinoin, and you can never forget sunscreen!

If you could pick a favorite procedure, which one would you choose?

Julie: One of the primary reasons I enjoy being a dermatologist is that our specialty is procedure oriented. If I had to pick a favorite, I would say the most rewarding procedure is the surgical management of skin cancers and tumors. In contrast, in the cosmetic realm, I enjoy microneedling because it’s relatively painless for the patient and provides beautiful benefits to the skin.

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What career highlight are you most proud of?

Julie: I was once invited to the 75th wedding anniversary for a couple of my patients. I’ve had the opportunity to care for 3 generations of a single family – that holds a very special place in my heart.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Julie: Tex-Mex food and cookies while preferably watching the office. That way, you can check all three of my guilty pleasures off in one go.

What has you most excited about your move to San Antonio?

Julie: San Antonio is such an iconic Texas city. It has a special and unique history that is truly its own. I love the diversity of the residents and the unique blending of cultures. In visiting my sister [Dr. Emily Fridlington] and her family, I have learned firsthand what a wonderful family-friendly city it is to explore and how much it offers for young families and those of any age. As well as for my husband and me, it was essential to live in a community that supports our military, veterans, and their families. It’s also important to note that as someone who loves to try new restaurants, I have never had a bad meal in San Antonio!

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