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Dermatologist’s Take on Popular Trends Series – Let’s Talk Lip Flips

It’s the month of love and what better time to explore how you can make your lips feel their most kissable! In this months dermatologist’s take on popular trends series, let’s talk lip flips! Learn more about the nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in our Q&A with the Alamo Heights Dermatology team below.

Note: We’ve decided to use a rating scale (1-5) to represent the glow-up potential of the trend. For example: “This trend was rated a 5 out of 5 for glow-up potential.”

Lip Flip – Skip or The Ultimate Fix?

  1. What is a lip flip?

  • AHD Team – A lip flip is a nonsurgical method of creating the illusion of a fuller lip. Typically, a doctor injects neuromodulator (Botox, Dysport, etc) into the upper lip to create the appearance of a larger lip. The product works by relaxing the muscles above the top lip resulting in a slight “flipping” upward.
  1. How do results differ from those of lip fillers?

  • AHD Team – Lip fillers add actual volume to the lip and its surrounding areas. A lip flip is achieved only through muscle relaxation, so nothing is added to the lip.

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  1. What are the risks and benefits involved?

  • AHD Team – Lip flips are a very safe and low risk procedure. Only a very small amount of neuromodulator is used. While uncommon, risks may include small bruising, slight swelling, and possibly a slightly weaker pucker.
  1. Who is a good candidate for a lip flip?

  • AHD Team – Good candidates for a lip flip include individuals who want to achieve a fuller lip without dermal filler, people who may have thinner lips, individuals with down turned corners of the mouth, and people who want to reduce their “gummy” smile. This procedure can also help soften the vertical lines around the mouth. In reality, a good candidate is anyone who feels they would need or benefit from the procedure.
  1. What do you rate this on the glow up potential scale (0-5)?

  • AHD Team – A perfect 5 out of 5, seeing as it’s safe, easy, and works well for many patients! We give it the greenlight for any curious potential patients.

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