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Dermatologists Take on Popular Trends Series – Leave These Trends in 2022

With the multiverse of skin care trends, we know it can seem challenging to excel in skin care. That’s why our amazing and informed team at Alamo Height Dermatology is here to help you hone your skincare routine so you can start 2023 skin-stress-free. Our latest dermatologists take on popular trends series breaks down why you should leave these trends in 2022. Read to learn more!

Note: We’ve decided to use a rating scale (1-5) to represent the glow-up potential. For example: “This trend was rated a 5 out of 5 for glow-up potential.”

TREND: Celebrity Skin Care

AHD Team: Celebrity skin care lines can range from good to bad or anything in between. The most important features of any skincare line, whether a celebrity or otherwise, would be high-quality ingredients with a proven track record. This would include a cleanser that works for your skin type and a high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen, at the very least. Whether or not you add on additional steps such as a topical antioxidant, a moisturizer with collagen peptides and growth factors, or a topical retinoid depends on your age, skin type, and goals.

On the glow-up potential scale, we give this between 0-5, depending entirely upon the ingredients in the skincare line!

TREND: 10-Step Regimens

AHD Team: 10-step Regimens sound like a lot because they are! There could be a risk of reacting to one of the ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin. If that happens, it’s hard to know which was the culprit! This would be most risky for those with sensitive or dry skin. For most people, three steps in the morning (cleanser, topical antioxidant, and sunscreen) and three in the evening (cleanser, topical retinoid, and moisturizer with collagen peptides and growth factors) would be a good routine.

On the glow-up potential scale, we rate this a 2. We advise you to simplify!

Photo of various different forms of skincare products.

TREND: Expensive Skin Care

AHD Team: Expensive skincare might be worth it, depending on the ingredients. In general, cleansers should not be expensive. Many high-quality cleansers over the counter and in doctor’s offices work well and should not break the bank. High-quality topical antioxidants and moisturizers with collagen peptides and growth factors can be more expensive. For these ingredients, it’s essential to ensure the product can be small enough to absorb into the skin. Also, the peptide and growth factor creams found in doctor’s offices will have a higher percentage than in drug stores. While expensive skin care CAN be good, it’s not necessary for a good skin care regimen.

On the glow-up potential scale, we rate this a 4. Ingredients matter!

TREND: Over Exfoliation

AHD Team: This trend needs to be in the rearview mirror. The risks of this include impairing the barrier layer of the skin. This can lead to dryness and irritation. It’s better to leave exfoliation to ingredients like topical retinoid (or prescription form if tolerated) or ingredients like glycolic acid, lactic acid, or salicylic acid.

On the glow-up potential scale, we rate this a 0. Don’t walk away from this trend; run!

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Leave these trends in 2022 – Try to focus on high quality ingredients and make the most of your skincare regimen in 2023. Simplify and when in doubt visit us at Alamo Heights Dermatology or contact us at (210) 255-8447 to schedule your consultation today – because your skin, matters!