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What Alamo Heights Dermatology is Thankful For

The season of Thanksgiving is upon us, and we are feeling a little sentimental. We are nearing the close of another year and wanted to pause and show appreciation for everything that made this year awesome. Though the list is long, here’s some of what Alamo Heights Dermatology is thankful for this year.

Family and Friends

Our family and friends are the backbones of our lives. Many of our loved ones fueled the inspiration behind our decision to go into the dermatology field and cheered us on while we chased our dream. They are our respite after a long day. Their unfailing love and support make us better people, and ultimately, better professionals.


Where would our practice be without our patients? The truth is, any business can get some people to come through their door. However, we pride ourselves on building relationships and earning our patient’s trust. A person’s complexion is a huge part of their image and self-confidence. We are honored by the faith our patients place in us during their skincare journeys.

In-Person Services

Like many businesses, we closed our in-person services and consulted via telehealth amid safety concerns due to COVID-19. Thanks to the monumental efforts of scientists, health officials, and researchers, we were able to welcome patients back into the office a short time later. Seeing your friendly faces and being able to return to do what we love the most has been a humbling experience.


Skincare products often serve as an extension of in-house services. Our in-house product shop features top-of-the-line options from trusted brands. Whether it’s sunscreen, facial cleanser, or anti-aging serum, we’ve got you covered- and so much more. Most of our products offered are also used by our staff and a part of their “must-have” skincare routines.

Happy Thanksgiving

The team here at Alamo Heights Dermatology would like to extend our warmest wishes for Thanksgiving to our patients, family, and friends. Appointments are still available for all your upcoming holiday needs! Book today by calling us at (210) 255-8447 or filling out a request form online.