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Winter Skincare Tips

While many south Texans are thankful to finally be out of the barbaric 90 plus degree days, the colder weather seems to dangle like a carrot in front of us, amirite? Alas, cooler temps will come, and various factors that affect your skin with it. Each change of the season brings fluctuations in temperatures, air moisture, and other dynamics that can wreak havoc on your skin. Our winter skincare tips will help you make the proper preparations so you’re armed and ready to take on the cold.

Winter and Your Skin

Your skin’s health and appearance depend on specific internal and external influences. As the temperatures outside drop and the humidity decreases, our skin becomes more susceptible to drying out. Indoor heating or prolonged periods of close contact with a heat source further aggravate the dryness. Dry skin becomes tight, flaky, itchy, and vulnerable to irritation.

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Colder Weather Skincare Survival Tips

While there is no one-fits-all solution, the goal is to help protect your skin from the effects cold weather can bring. Don’t worry; we aren’t talking about an entire overhaul of your skincare routine. Rather more of a few simple adjustments with some reminders thrown in. Dry skin doesn’t have to be inevitable in a Thanos kind of way. Here is some general guidance for winter skincare:

  • Moisturize– Switch to thicker, creamier moisturizers and cleansers. These will keep your skin hydrated better than the lighter-weight options.
  • Sunscreen– The sun can still damage your skin in the winter and every other season. During the winter months, switch to a cream versus the spray or lotion.
  • Humidifier– Use a humidifier to add moisture back into the air, which helps naturally hydrate the skin.
  • Don’t overdo the heat– Understandably, maintaining some heat level in your home is necessary, and a hot bath is even dreamier in the winter. However, both can strip skin of its moisture. To avoid this, baths and showers should be lukewarm, and the thermostat set to around 68°

Helping Patients Weather Every Season

Every epidermis is different. Sometimes you need a little extra guidance in wrangling the various issues winter can bring. Chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis ebb and flow with the seasons too. Irritation from dry skin can trigger a flareup that worsens symptoms. Our passionate team of experienced experts works with you to create a safe and effective treatment plan to help get your skin back on track.

Seasons are changing, So should your skincare routine

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