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Get to Know Our P.A., Kimberley Totman!

Our physician assistant, Kimberley Totman, came from humble beginnings as a medical assistant in a dermatology clinic. Her work there inspired her to pursue a career as a P.A. at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Helping her patients on their skincare journeys is a driving passion only second to spending time with her husband and four children. Get to know more about our P.A. Kimberley Totman in our recent interview with her.

Kimberley Totman

The Interview

Question: Tell us more about what inspired you to become a P.A. with a career focused on dermatology?

Kim: I knew from the time I was in first grade that I wanted to go into medicine, and this vision changed into a desire to become a P.A. during my first year of college at Texas A&M University.  My advisor suggested that I shadow a P.A. to learn better what it means to be in this profession.  A friend of a friend knew a P.A. in Dermatology, and she allowed me to spend time in the clinic with her.  It was during this time that I fell in love with dermatology and the P.A. profession.  Once I decided that this was what I wanted to do with my life, I focused on making it happen.

Question: With fall upon us, are there any changes to our skincare routines we should consider?

Kim:  With the onset of cooler weather and the use of heaters, our skin often becomes drier.  After showering, try to focus on using thicker moisturizers (or even use a daily moisturizer if you do not normally do so).  Eucerin Advanced Eczema Therapy or Cetaphil Moisturizing cream are a few great options.  Try to avoid long hot showers, too much use of space heaters, and consider a hydrating body wash.  Additionally, if you use a retinoid on the face, it may be helpful to use it less frequently to help prevent drying out.

Question: What is the best part of being a P.A. at Alamo Heights Dermatology?

Kim:  I love when patients come back in for a follow-up visit to see me, and they are excited about their skin.  That applies to someone coming in for an itchy rash or acne, or a wart.  I love the reward of seeing patients get better!

Question: What are the top 3 skincare products you can’t go without?

Kim: Sunscreen for sure.  I love our Elta MD Replenish sunscreen.  It is a mineral-tinted sunscreen that is great for all types of skin.  Also, Sente’s Illumine Eye cream is a lifesaver for that crepey skin that develops on the lower eyelids.  My third favorite (but not in order of favoritism. :)) is Sentes Biocomplete Serum. 

Question: What would be your advice to someone struggling with a skin condition who is hesitant about seeking professional help?

Kim: I think that it is a matter of just making that decision and leap of faith to come in and allow us to help.  We treat many skin conditions that cause patients embarrassment, and I often have patients who are hesitant to let us look because they are worried about what we think.  Our job is to make the patient feel comfortable and then help them feel comfortable and proud of their skin.  We will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Question: What is your favorite fall tradition?

Kim:  We generally try to visit a pumpkin patch every fall.  It is so much fun to enjoy time with our family and participate in the activities set up there.

Kimberley Totman is currently on staff at Alamo Heights Dermatology, where she helps treat many skin conditions ranging from warts to rashes. Schedule your consultation today at (210) 255-8447 or request an appointment online.