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5 Ways to Avoid Pre-Mature Skin Aging

We all know that aging is an inevitable part of life, but that doesn’t mean we have to take it lying down! We can age gracefully and in our own time. We can’t delay it forever, but we can take steps to avoid pre-mature skin aging. Here’s how.

Protect your skin (aka sunscreen)

Back in 2013 it was proven that wearing sunscreen prevents wrinkles.  The catch? Daily use is necessary. The recommended SPF to use is SPF 30 or higher at least once a day, but more often if your skin is exposed to the sun for longer periods of time.[1] Researchers say that it’s never too late to start this regimen and see results.[2]

Apply facial moisturizer every day

Applying moisturizer after a wrinkle has already developed can help to lessen the appearance by absorbing the moisture and puffing up the skin, but this effect is only temporary. Daily moisturizer with collagen peptides and growth factors prevents wrinkles before they start.

Use self-tanner instead of tanning

So, if you’re having to avoid the sun how are you supposed to get a tan? Everyone wants that perfectly golden skin for the summer, but excessive exposure to the sun or tanning beds can cause pre-mature skin aging and poses a risk for skin cancer. To avoid this, but still have that perfectly golden tan, the FDA suggests that using a spray tanner or self-tanning moisturizer responsibly can be a safe and effective method.[3]

Avoid Pre-Mature Skin Aging

Avoid repetitive facial expressions

Wrinkles are a natural process of aging and naturally the way you move your face will eventually cause lines as you age. While there is no way to avoid this entirely, avoiding certain repetitive facial expressions can help pre-mature wrinkling. Frowning and squinting are the main repetitive facial expression to cause the skin to look aged.[4] To avoid squinting make sure to wear the appropriate eye wear you need and avoid excessive screen time.

Stop Smoking

If you smoke, you probably already know all of the negative consequences that can come from this habit. The risk of lung cancer, tooth decay, skin and nail yellowing the list goes on and on. A big thing on that list is also pre-mature skin aging. The repetitive motion of smoking the cigarette causes wrinkles around the mouth and smoking in general causes the skin to dry out, discolor and loose elasticity. The best advice we can give you is to just quit!

We all want to age gracefully in our own time, but it can be hard to find the right products and regimen for your skin. Book your cosmetic consultation today and the fee will apply to any product or treatment booked same day as consultation.