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Ask the Experts: Perfect 10 Chemical Peel

The Perfect 10 Chemical Peels are medical-grade treatments that boast benefits like a smoother texture, improved tone, and reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We’ve gotten together with two of our board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Kelso and Dr. Fridlington, to answer some of the most asked questions about the Perfect 10 Chemical Peel. If you’re on the fence about trying it out, I suggest you keep reading to determine if these procedures may be right for you.

Question: How long does the procedure take? 

Answer: Dr. Kelso: These are all done in-office during one appointment. The appointment can take up to 30 minutes depending on if you are getting the universal, intermediate, or advanced strength.

Question: Does it hurt? 

Answer: Dr. Fridlington: The peels contain antioxidants that calm the skin with a blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, followed by an all-trans-Retinol Complex. These are all well-tolerated, and the most you should feel is a tingling or prickling.

Question: What’s the downtime?

Answer: Dr. Kelso: If peeling occurs, it happens within 2-3 days after the procedure, and wrapping up in about a week.

Question: What kind of aftercare will I need? 

Answer: Dr. Fridlington: Remember, with a chemical peel, the top layer of the skin is chemically exfoliated. After the procedure, you should stay out of the sun, and avoid using retinoids, harsh facial products. You can also use ice packs for 20 minutes at a time, and a fan to help calm skin and for any discomfort. As always, be sure to ask if you have questions before or after.

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