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An Interview with Dr. Fricke

Our third dermatologist on staff here at Alamo Heights Dermatology is Michelle Fricke, M.D. Dr. Fricke grew up in Texas, in the Houston suburb of Clear Lake. She has extensive experience in general, pediatric, cosmetic, and complex medical dermatology. Dr. Fricke also has a heart for rescue dogs. She considers the time she spends with her two pups and husband one of the most enjoyable pastimes. Get to know more about Dr. Fricke in our interview with her.

The Interview

Question: What made you go into the dermatology field?

Dr. Fricke: I went into dermatology because there is no better job in the world than helping people feel confident in their own skin.

Question: Name the top 3 products you never go without.

Dr. Fricke: Only 3?! I can try to limit it to my top 4, but that’s the best I can do.

SUNSCREEN! Because no amount of skincare can overcome the effects of the sun. There’s a good chance I’m wearing Elta MD UV Elements, Colorescience Glow, or ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica daily. I also always have my Colorescience SPF 50 brush with me for reapplications!

A retinoid. The holy grail of anti-aging and the foundation of all good acne treatment regimens. I alternate between prescription Tazorac cream and Sente Bio Complete Serum every night.

A great moisturizer. Sente Dermal Repair Cream and Cerave PM lotion are my go-to’s, and something as simple as plain Vaseline for emergencies!

An antioxidant. My favorites are Skin Medica TNS Essential Serum, Revision Vitamin C 30% lotion, and Skinceuticals CE Ferulic serum.

Question: Do you have a procedure that is secretly your favorite a little more than others?

Dr. Fricke: Filler. Because very few other procedures can make a patient feel one way when they walk into the office and feel 100x better when walking out.

Question: What is something everyone should know about Alamo Heights Dermatology?

Dr. Fricke: We’re not just women who work together; we’re friends, inside and outside the office. Don’t be surprised if you see us in the neighborhood sipping a martini or glass of wine at a cafe and talking all things skin, but also everything else! We’re just like you; only we reapply SPF more. 🙂

Question: Name your favorite guilty pleasure.

Dr. Fricke: The Bachelor. I’m a real sucker for romance, even if it is cheesy!

Question: What do you think is one of the top things that prevent a person from seeking help from a dermatologist?

Dr. Fricke: Vulnerability. Whether it’s stripping down for a skin exam or having us stare intently at your less than perfect complexion, coming to a dermatologist can be a vulnerable experience. But diagnosing and treating skin, hair, and nails disorders are what we have dedicated our lives to, and we always strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Question: Lastly, what’s your favorite thing about living in San Antonio?

Dr. Fricke: Tex-Mex! I could eat chips with queso and/or guac every day.

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