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An Interview with Dr. Fridlington

In this blog, we get to know the other leader at the helm here at Alamo Heights Dermatology, Dr. Emily Fridlington. Earlier this year, San Antonio Magazine named her one of 2021’s top doctors, a title she’s proudly earned before. Dr. Fridlington is a native Iowan, though she completed most of her schooling here in Texas. She is passionate about medical dermatology for adults and children, skin cancer prevention and treatment, and cosmetic dermatology. Get to know more about Dr. Fridlington in our interview with her.  

Dr. Fridlington

The Interview

Question: What made you go into the dermatology field?

Dr. Fridlington: My husband would say I became a dermatologist because I’m a sicko! I think dermatology is the perfect mix of analytical and procedural skills.  I cannot think of a day I’ve ever been bored or not challenged in some way. Every day I manage a wide spectrum of medical conditions, and I am privileged to care for patients of all ages and phases of life.

Question: Name a career highlight you are most proud of. 

Dr. Fridlington: The day we started demolition on the existing structure to start the construction of our office building. My daughters were 3 and 1.5 and my first son was 2 weeks old. I was wearing him in a sling and knocking out some dilapidated wall while my girls pounded glass tiles with hammers. It was an epic moment!

Question: Name the top 3 products you never go without.

Dr. Fridlington:

 1. AQUAPHOR!!!! It’s great on skin wounds, cuts and scrapes, lips, dry nails/hands, diaper rash, and just about any other “owie” that happens at my house.

2. Senté Bio Complete Serum. It’s such a perfect all-in-one anti-aging serum.

3. Tinted sunscreen! Love my Elta Elements, Revision Intellishade Matte, and Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen.

Question: How often should a person typically see a dermatologist?

Dr. Fridlington: Well, assuming there are no other concerns that would bring a person in sooner (like acne, psoriasis, etc), I think it is an important part of “adulting” to have at least a baseline skin exam by the time you are 30 (or we can in your 30’s for the procrastinators).

Question: What services could men benefit from at your practice?

Dr. Fridlington: I’m thrilled that more and more men recognize the importance of skin health. They often don’t have a skincare routine or even daily use of sunscreen as early as women. As a result, they may be more likely to develop preventable skin conditions or leave them longer before seeking help. As part of the nature of having testosterone men can be more likely to suffer inflammatory acne, hair loss, and complications from shaving.

Question: Name your favorite guilty pleasure.

Dr. Fridlington: Eating spoonfuls of peanut butter from the jar, chispas, sneakers….I can’t pick just one!

Question: If someone is struggling with an untreated skin condition, what would be your advice to them?

Dr. Fridlington: In my experience, many skin conditions make patients feel isolated, self-conscious, and even guilty. Those factors keep them from reaching out for help or make it hard to find a dermatologist they can trust. I like to make sure people know that often these untreated conditions are not their fault or something they did wrong and that RARELY do we meet patients that we can’t help.

Question: Lastly, what’s the one place a person visiting San Antonio should go?

Dr. Fridlington: I’m probably cheesy, but without a doubt, my vote is carriage ride with your family downtown during the Christmas lights!

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