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Back to School 15% Off Special

As everyone begins preparing for another school year, we have a back-to-school 15% off special. August is always busy, but Alamo Heights Dermatology wants to make sure our teachers and school nurses are stocked up on their favorites.

Alamo Heights Dermatology Products Store

Teachers and school nurses are really the salts of the Earth without a pandemic in the mix. For the 2021-2022 school year, throw in rising cases of COVID-19. Then, balance that with in-person instruction, remote learning, and keeping everyone and themselves safe. Are we at sainthood yet?

AHD Products

Our in-house product store is stocked with nothing but the best cosmetics and skincare items we personally recommend. We have everything from sunblock to hair biotics for both men and women. There is literally something everyone can benefit from.

15% off the Cosmetics Products You Love

We are honoring teachers and school nurses and celebrating back to school with a 15% off discount on our cosmetic products for them during August. Now, it’s even easier for teachers and school nurses to take advantage of some of the best options to level up their skin just in time to catch the first school bell.  

Teachers and school nurses sow the seeds of education and health in our children today. So often, they go above and beyond teaching and health checks. Our team at Alamo Heights Dermatology is honored to give back to these elite two groups. We hope to provide an opportunity for them to do something nice for themselves and feel the positivity they’ve given so many of our youth.

So teachers and school nurses, pop into our office anytime in August to take advantage of our 15% off cosmetics special just for you. Our location and contact information are below! We look forward to seeing you!

131 W. Sunset Rd, Ste 101

San Antonio, TX 78209

Get directions here.

(210) 255-8447