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Dermatologists Take on Popular Trends Series – Dermaplaning

It wasn’t too long ago when women shaving their faces seemed taboo. Fast-forward to today and women everywhere are sharing how facial shaving is a must have addition to a skincare regime. On a professional scale, dermatologists offer dermaplaning, which has become a widely popular skincare service to achieve a smooth complexion and a healthy, youthful glow. Read on to see what the Alamo Heights Dermatology team has to say in our latest dermatologists take on popular trends series on dermaplaning!

Note: We’ve decided to use a rating scale (1-5) to represent the glow-up potential of this trend. For example: “This trend was rated a 3 out of 5 for glow-up potential.

Dermatologist’s Take on Dermaplaning – Is This Trend a Friend? 

What is Dermaplaning?

AHD Team: Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive procedure that shaves away the top layer of the skin to exfoliate cells and get rid of peach fuzz. Unlike traditional shaving, dermaplaning utilizes a smaller blade allowing for the removal of dead skin and fine facial hair. Revealing skin that is more even in tone as well as texture.

Will dermaplaning make my hair grow back thicker and/or faster?

AHD Team: The short answer is no, dermaplaning does not accelerate or thicken hair growth. Seeing as this is a surface level treatment similar to shaving, the root of your hair should remain unaffected.

What skin types benefit most from Dermaplaning?

AHD Team: Dermaplaning is known to aid in the overall appearance of various skin types, anyone who is looking for smoother and brighter skin can benefit. Helping with several skin concerns such as, acne scarring, skin dullness, and dryness.

Derm Term_ Dermaplaning_ gentle, non-invasive exfoliation technique to remove dead skin cells and fine facial hair.

Can dermaplaning cause acne?

AHD Team: In rare occurrences dermaplaning can cause acne but it’s not common by any means. Dermaplaning minimizes the amount of bacteria found on the surface of your skin. Naturally, by removing this bacteria you help unclog pores that result in acne breakouts.

Is it safe to perform this at home — does it hurt?

AHD Team: Dermaplaning is performed with a surgical blade and when done properly should not cause pain. However, using a surgical blade by yourself at home may put you at risk for self-inflicted injury.

How often should one shave their face at home?

AHD Team: At Alamo Heights Dermatology, we don’t advise women to shave their face with a razor. If they’re interested in hair removal that is not laser or Dermaplaning, we would suggest one of the wands you can find over the counter for more effective and safe results.

What do you rate this on the glow up potential scale (0-5)?

AHD Team: It’s a 5 out 5 on Dermaplaning from us! Be sure to visit our website to stay up to date with our Dermatologists Take on Popular Trends Series to see what topic we cover next!

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