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Dermatologists Take on Popular Trends Series- Facial Cleansing Brushes

Washing your face is the pinnacle of any solid skincare routine. With a squirt or lather of your go-to cleanser in your hands, you can work away impurities that can often lead to acne and other skin issues. But what if there was a better way to clean your face? That is the question we are asking our experts as they talk about their thoughts on our next social media skincare trend of facial cleansing brushes.

Note: We’ve decided to use a rating scale (1-5) to represent the glow-up potential of the trend. For example: “This trend was rated a 3 out of 5 for glow-up potential.”

Facial Cleansing Brushes: Are They a Must or Bust?

What are facial cleansing brushes, and how do they compare to the traditional hand washing method?

AHD Team: Facial cleansing brushes are devices used to clean the face thoroughly. They provide mechanical exfoliation. Think of them basically like electric toothbrushes for the face.

Facial cleansing brush

Other than a more thorough cleaning, are there other benefits these brushes provide?

AHD Team: Mechanical exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the face and can increase the blood flow to the skin, leaving the skin overall more “polished,” soft, and glowing. Additionally, the benefits of this exfoliation can include increased absorption of skin treatments like topical medications and serums for treating skin conditions from acne and rosacea to anti-aging creams. Their benefits aren’t just limited to the face. They can be used on the arms/legs/back for conditions such as keratosis pilaris, and acne.

Are there any skin types that would not benefit from using a cleansing brush?

AHD Team: Most skin types can benefit or at least not be harmed by using facial cleansing brushes as long as the bristles are not too coarse and the power not too aggressive. In patients with very sensitive or inflamed skin, aggressive exfoliation can add to irritation.

Would you recommend using facial cleansing brushes? If so, why?

AHD Team: We absolutely recommend facial cleansing brushes. They are wonderful devices that help remove makeup and make the skin feel much smoother. Many teens struggle with starting or being consistent with face washing or a simple skincare routine. These devices can help make it more appealing and “fun.” They can also be great safe gifts for your friends/family who like skin products.

If someone is interested in using a facial cleansing brush, what advice would you give them for incorporating it into their routine, and are there any brands you recommend?

AHD Team: Most of my recommendations revolve around not being overly aggressive (I.e., no need to use more than once daily and making sure the device doesn’t feel too fast or firm). They should definitely never cause pain. The brushes can be used with various skin cleansers or even plain water (you don’t have to spend a fortune for special washes etc., to use). The Clarisonic Mia is a great device at a reasonable price point and size. FOREO makes a silicon head device that comes in a mini size, is easy to charge, and has lots of fun colors.

How would you rate this skincare trend on the glow-up potential scale?

AHD Team: We rate this a 5 out of 5!

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