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Lift and Tighten with Ultherapy

Alamo Heights Dermatology is bringing sexy back with 15% off our ultherapy services for the month of July. Ultherapy, as seen on E! and the Today Show is an FDA approved non-surgical procedure that uses ultrasound technology to soften fine lines and wrinkles. The best part is the procedure is done without any cuts or scars!

Skin and Aging

Collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan are proteins produced naturally in the body. Collagen provides the strength to the skin and holds it together. Elastin provides elasticity to the skin. Glycosaminoglycan together with water, fills the spaces between the collagen and elastin fibers.  As we age, the production of these proteins begins to slow causing the skin to sag, and fine lines and wrinkles appear.

How it Works

Ultherapy uses 50-year-old time-tested ultrasound technology to achieve a fresher look from your brows to your chest. The procedure stimulates collagen production by delivering focused ultrasound energy at the right depths and the right temperature into the foundational layer of skin. This energy jump starts the regenerative process that produces new collagen.

Areas that can be treated are the brow, chin, neck, as well as the chest. A face and neck procedure typically take 60-90 minutes. The chest takes approximately 30 minutes.

Lift and Tighten with Ultherapyv


The benefits of ultherapy go beyond the non-evasive process of this procedure. Below are a few highlights:

  • One Treatment- Just one treatment helps counteract the effects of gravity and sun exposure.
  • No Downtime– Although your face may feel flushed at first, you can return to normal activities right after. No bandages, scarring, or bruising.
  • Non-Invasive- There are no needles or cutting involved.
  • Natural Results- Some patients see results immediately after treatment, but the real results come within 2-3 months as the new collagen is produced and begins to naturally firm the areas treated.

To take advantage of this sizzling summer special, contact us to book a consultation appointment.

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