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PRP Therapy: Is it right for you?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, is a safe, regenerative process that is used for improving wrinkles and fine lines as well as hair loss. When you think of dermatology, you may not realize that hair loss is a problem that is covered under that umbrella. Facts are that a dermatologist can successfully treat most forms of hair loss, an issue that plagues millions of Americans every year.

Although having a family history increases your chances of hair loss, no one is immune. Those that experience it face more than just the apparent lack of or thinning of hair. It can also take an emotional toll.

PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy Explained

PRP therapy is a natural option whereby a person’s plasma is used. During the procedure, blood is drawn from the patient and then placed in a tube. The tube goes into a machine that separates the red blood cells from the plasma.

In hair loss treatments, the plasma, which contains growth factors that help heal and aid in tissue recovery, is injected directly into the hair follicles. For those with androgenetic alopecia where the hairs are dwindling, the growth factors help revive the hair follicles. Typical patients who respond well to the treatment can see a 20-30% improvement in terms of hair follicle number and density.  PRP has even shown promise in rare forms of hair loss such as lichen planopilaris which causes scarring at the hair follicle.

 It only takes about 10 mins, and requires little to no downtime. After a series of 3 initially monthly injections, treatment maintenance is spaced 4-6 months apart from each other.  Side effects include minimal redness and swelling that lasts a day or two.  Any discomfort is well managed with a zimmer chiller that chills the surface of the skin for the injections.

PRP Therapy

Is it Right for You?

PRP is for both men and women and is listed as one of the top recommended treatments by Forbes Magazine for keeping up appearances in the workplace. Read more here.

This therapy is not for everyone, and some may require a combination of hair loss treatments. A board-certified dermatologist should perform the procedure and will ultimately will help determine if you are the right candidate.

If you are experiencing hair loss, Alamo Heights Dermatology can help determine the best treatment option(s) for you. Our office offers a comprehensive treatment option list for all your dermatological needs. You can call us at 210-255-8447, or book an appointment online HERE.