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Reveal Your Radiance with DiamondGlow

The DiamondGlow treatment sounds like something out of a fairy tale. At the wave of a diamond-tipped wand, the skin is exfoliated, rejuvenated, and deep cleaned. The DiamondGlow procedure promises to reveal your radiance after only one office visit. When you involve diamonds, should we expect any less?

Procedure and Benefits

More than a glow, a skin transformation. Experience DiamondGlow,

The DiamondGlow treatment exfoliates, cleans, extracts, and infuses the skin at the same time. The wand is the size of a pen. It holds a diamond-tip that sits back inside the end. The pen passes over the treatment area in sections. There are six different diamond tip heads available. Each has a coat of real diamonds. They offer the flexibility to address varying skin issues, treatment areas, and exfoliation levels.

  • Exfoliate– Uncovers renewed skin.
  • Extract– The treatment area is thoroughly cleansed, and debris is gently removed from pores by vacuum.
  • Infuse– SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Serums permeate into the skin while the pores are still open. This allows for deeper penetration and lasting results. Serums cover multiple skincare needs and are free of parabens, fragrances, sulfates, and sulfites:
    • Skin Brightening– Improves overall appearance and uneven pigmentation.
    • Ultra-Hydrating– Rehydrates and smooths skin.
    • Vitamin C– Rejuvenates and protects.
    • Pore Clarifying– Promotes clearer skin by addressing imperfections.

Immediately following the first treatment, the skin will feel firmer and look more radiant. Around 72 hours after the appointment, improvements in fine lines, overall dryness, radiance, and skin roughness are visible. You can resume regular activities immediately after the procedure. A series of treatments is typically what your provider will recommend and will vary with your overall goal desire.

The DiamondGlow Difference

The core concepts of a deep clean, extraction, and serum infusion remain the same as other facial and microdermabrasion treatments. However, customization is incomparable with the six unique diamond tips and infusion serum options with DiamondGlow. Any area of the body can be treated. For example, those with stretch marks or ones with sun damage.

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